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Zombie-Pimp's News

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - December 22nd, 2009

Hey, I just wanted to mention that production on our Po3 game is back on track! I found some help and we're gonna be working on it during the holidays. For anyone that missed my earlier news post, the game is The Incredible Triplets, and it's going to be a puzzle-platformer game.

But regarding the good news for our Po3 game, I've decided its best to leave my christmas-themed flash until next year. I was about a quarter way done, and it'll be impossible to get it done any sooner than early january anyways, so I'll have to post-pone it. I was planning on just releasing it this January, but it's lame to release a christmas flash after christmas. But it'll definitely be out next year, and it's going to be awesome!

In other news,

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Posted by Zombie-Pimp - December 1st, 2009

Po3 has produced some amazing games. I was amazed with the quality of some of the submissions, and I think it really shows the power of teamwork at its best.

I formed a group and tried to make a game, "The Incredible Triplets", which unfortunately never made it to completion. All the music and animations for the game were completed, however the programmer was unable to work on it and had to drop out. We still have the music and sprites gathering dust on my hard-drive, and I really hope that I can make use of them somehow. If there are any programmers out there that would like to have a look (here's hoping lol), feel free to send me a PM. I'm okay with just using them to make a mini-game or something, since that's better than nothing, and the artwork is some of my best, imo.

In other news, I plan to make a flash for the winter flash-off. It's going to be difficult with December exams but I hope to have it out before the deadline. I hopefully will have a screen shot to show in my next newspost.

Happy Holidays,

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - July 3rd, 2009

For those of you who don't know, T10 is Canada's biggest fighting game tournament. Games featured include GGXX:AC, SF3S, SF2T, MVC2, Soul Calibur 4, and for the first year ever, Street Fighter 4.

Tournaments will run from Friday, July 31st - Sunday, Aug 2nd, 2009. The event is held in Toronto
Click here for more information

I was wondering if any other newgrounders were going to make an appearance. I asked mindchamber and he seems interested. It'd be awesome to meet some users out there, since I've never met anyone from NG irl before.

If you plan on attending, leave a post and I'll start a list:

List of T10 attendees:

-Frozenfire (maybe)

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - June 1st, 2009

My flash work has been coming along very sluggishly, which is disappointing since I should have lots of momentum after the release of the PPP and SF colalbs. The main reason is my summer job. I try to make time for flash after work but there's really only so many hours in a day. I enjoy flash but I'm actually a physics major at UWO, and I work summers in a lab/hospital. Since I have limited time to flash, I have to prioritize which projects I'll spend time on. And the project which takes the most priority right now is my Power of 3 team.

Just to recap, our team name is Destruction Squad, and our teammates are:

I like this team because we don't fit the usual "Artist/Programmer/Musician" mould. Originally, I'd planned that I be the artist/writer/director for the game, Xceed programmer, an CrapCulture compose the music. However, Xceed is a very creative guy, and has lots of unique ideas for our game, so he'll also be playing a role in writing/directing. Also, CrapCulture has some experience in web/graphic design, so he's going to help design a lot of the interface and menus for the game.

So basically, expect our Po3 game to be awesome, but don't expect any other releases from me in the meantime.

Here's a teaser picture of the playable characters from our game:

Summer job slowing down flash progress

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - May 14th, 2009

I found a programmer for Po3, thanks everyone who contacted me, I'll be working with Xceed.

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - May 6th, 2009

Sup newgrounds, sorry I couldn't post earlier, but things got pretty hectic around pico day, I haven't even gotten a chance to watch every single submission yet. My exams ran right till the end of april this year (my last one was on pico day!), and I also started a new job this summer, which required lots of stupid paperwork and chasing around of social insurance and shit. Also, since our coder for our pico day collab had to bail out, I ended up having to assemble PPP myself (thats why the menus look so ugly). Special thanks to Afro Ninja for helping me out with coding the buttons! You're an hero!

Anyways, I'm really pleased with the way our collab turned out, and I'm honoured to be featured alongside such great animators this year. I'm surprised we managed to land third place, there were some incredible submissions this year. There was absolutely no surprise over the fact that RDR had the number 1 spot though, Nogfish killed it!

I'll take this chance to adress each animator in PPP individually:

Nogfish: Your entry really captured the essense of the "ultra violent" genre seen on newgrounds. Violence for violence's sake. The simplistic colouring really kept the focus on the amazing fluidity and form of your fbf animation. I'm glad I recieved your entry so early, it reminded me that I can't get lazy with my fbf if I dare allow my work to be displayed alongside yours.

Leafworthy: Your ghetto entry is definately one of the most creative pieces of animation I've seen on newgrounds in a long time. Aside from the quality of animation, which was superb, the style with which they danced was brilliant. My favourite dancer had to be the little guy with the hood. That smoke effect was incredible, I'll have to study your .fla to try and see how you pulled it off :P

Fleckogold: You are definately one of the (if not THE) most talented animators I have ever met. The quality of your work is in a whole other league. Your entry captured a crucial piece of newgrounds... the creepy, fucked up underbelly that keeps this website from ever becoming mainstream trash.

DeLine: Sometimes, all you need is a good joke or two, executed perfectly. I'm glad you were able to get your animation done under such short notice, it fits perfectly in there, and pays homage to one of the most beloved forms of newgrounds humour: the cock joke.

My next project will hopefully be another collab, this time with a certain blue robot, but I don't want to announce too much about 'that' because I'm not even sure myself when/if that's going to happen.

Also, I'm going to plug our new website www.crapculture.ca again, since I wrote another article for it. This time it's just a quick movie review, but have a read if you get a chance, and if you like it, browse around the other articles on the website as well:

Let The Right One In movie review

We're always looking for new writers who are willing to join, so if anyone out there is interested in writing an article or two for us, drop me a PM.

Pico Day aftermath and new crap culture article

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - April 20th, 2009

Sup newgrounds, I'll be coming out with a new flash soon. I'm not sure exactly which day it's coming out, but if I had to guess I'd say exactly 10 days from now.

In other news, I recently started writing for a website called Crap Culture.

Here's my first contribution to the site:
Attention Feminazis: You're doing it wrong
It's about my opinion on feminism. Be sure to check it out!

Crap Culture is still a fledgling website, with only a handful of writers so far. We're still trying to find our niche, so right now we're just writing about anything that we feel like. Our articles are mostly focused on our own opinions and observations, mainly about media and pop culture.

We're always looking for writers who are interesting, funny, and like sharing their opinions. If you're interested in writing some articles for us, let me know.

Updates & New Website "Crap Culture"

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - February 3rd, 2009

Sup newgrounds, Just a few updates about what I'm gonna be up to for the next little while.

Currently, I'm making an SF flash for the collab. I REALLY hope I can make it in time for the deadline, especially since I have midterms that I should be studying for.

After my SF flash, I'm going to start on my next project, which I'm not gonna tell you guys much about because I want it to be a surprise. Lets just say its "that time of the year" again.

I managed to get a summer student position through my university, which means I'll be working full time this summer in a lab or something. This unfortunately means that I'll have less time to work on my animations this summer.

I'll try to post more often to newgrounds from now on, since this website is slowly becoming a pretty big part of my lifestyle.

Here's a rough sketch from my SF flash:

Shameless Promotion

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - January 27th, 2009

Wow, its so cool to see our flash "House of 1000 Cats" up there with the other nominees. Of course I clearly don't stand a chance at winning when put against masterpieces such as There She Is and Easy Way Out. Still, the nomination alone is more than enough of an honour.

I have to say that this has filled me with motivation to make incredible flash this year. I want my next big flash project, if nominated, to be something I consider worthy of being judged alongside the other entries. I'm gonna work my ass off to try and make something truly epic (maybe the first episode of LR?)

Anyways, thanks to newgrounds for the nomination, and I have to say its hard for me to narrow that list down to even 5, I have no idea how the panel is going to manage. 2008 was a phenomenal year for flash, and I'm glad to have been a part of it all.

Here's a background I painted in photoshop. I'm experimenting with different background styles for my future flash.

I'm nominated!

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - December 16th, 2008

Sup newgrounds, I'm finally making a frontpage post again, I haven't since Pico Day.

University's been a real bitch. I didn't have any opportunity to animate because of exams, midterms, assignments, and other annoying crap. However, I'm finally finished my first term exams and now I get 3 weeks of winter break.

To celebrate, I immediately animated a quick flash, to release my pent up animation horny. It's called Captain Falcon Checkup. Go watch it

Anyways, I'm going to try to animate more during the second term, so hopefully I'll release stuff more often. I have some BIG plans coming up, I just don't know how long it'll be till I get a chance to work on any of it.

Happy Holidays, and to the rest of the university students out there, make sure you all party extra hard before the new term starts.

Finally done exams