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Summer job slowing down flash progress

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - June 1st, 2009

My flash work has been coming along very sluggishly, which is disappointing since I should have lots of momentum after the release of the PPP and SF colalbs. The main reason is my summer job. I try to make time for flash after work but there's really only so many hours in a day. I enjoy flash but I'm actually a physics major at UWO, and I work summers in a lab/hospital. Since I have limited time to flash, I have to prioritize which projects I'll spend time on. And the project which takes the most priority right now is my Power of 3 team.

Just to recap, our team name is Destruction Squad, and our teammates are:

I like this team because we don't fit the usual "Artist/Programmer/Musician" mould. Originally, I'd planned that I be the artist/writer/director for the game, Xceed programmer, an CrapCulture compose the music. However, Xceed is a very creative guy, and has lots of unique ideas for our game, so he'll also be playing a role in writing/directing. Also, CrapCulture has some experience in web/graphic design, so he's going to help design a lot of the interface and menus for the game.

So basically, expect our Po3 game to be awesome, but don't expect any other releases from me in the meantime.

Here's a teaser picture of the playable characters from our game:

Summer job slowing down flash progress

Comments (17)

looking awesome mate goodluck with that

thanks, its gonna be awesome

They don't have ears? :O

Their shag hair is covering their ears. Does it look strange without them? The character designs are still in the prototype stage, so feedback like this is just what I need. I'll see if anyone else points out the ears, and if enough people do, I'll draw some in.

i dont doubt that for a second im sure it will be the best or damn close

haha well I dunno about that but we'll try!

I still think "ears".

yeah, I have it drawn with ears but I posted this one to see if anyone else brought it up.

the characters is type: bobby fat- bobby-bobby steroid
good luck doctor


Tubby makes me wanna squeeze some cheeks.

i know, isn't he cute?

Wow, this is looking good man. Don't really think they need ears, looks fine this way. I really dig your style. Kinda reminds me of some "Fable" concept art. Really cool.

yeah I thought it was fine too, its implied that they have ears under the hair. I've never seen the "Fable" concept art, I'll definately check that out sometime.

Looks awesome! I like the idea (or what it is in my head), and the teaser looks great! Also, fuck ears!

thanks, and yeah, seems like most ppl don't seem to mind the missing ears.

Sounds like a sweet team of dudes. No homo.

I'm going to play as tubby, so you should make him insanely over-powered. Just a heads up.

you actually have to use all three of them at various points, but yes, Tubby is going to be awesome. The only thing is he can't walk or jump, he can only roll around.

you have an excellent team there man, Im sure you guys are gonna kick some ass

also nice clean designs on your characters there

thanks, I'm sure your team is going to tear it up too. Your little cupcake sure knows how to code.

No ear complaints here, I never would have noticed. Question: are they supposed to be related? When you first showed me the pic I thought they were transformations of the same dude.

They're triplets!

Isn't it funny how we do things we have to do...that often conflicts with things we "want" to do.

Well...take your time dude....cuz the game looks awesome.

thats deep

Im going insain about Po3. It sounds fucking awesome and your game looks amazing. BTW no ears = kick ass XD

haha sweet, looks like more votes for 'no ears'


I need a team.
I say!!! fuck ears!
You think your flash is going slowly I'm going so slow I don't even have 1 video...

Loosk pretty cool. I agree with some people about the ear thing, the look good without them, but it might still be cool to see them with ears. Can't wait to play as the twink XD