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Pico Day aftermath and new crap culture article

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - May 6th, 2009

Sup newgrounds, sorry I couldn't post earlier, but things got pretty hectic around pico day, I haven't even gotten a chance to watch every single submission yet. My exams ran right till the end of april this year (my last one was on pico day!), and I also started a new job this summer, which required lots of stupid paperwork and chasing around of social insurance and shit. Also, since our coder for our pico day collab had to bail out, I ended up having to assemble PPP myself (thats why the menus look so ugly). Special thanks to Afro Ninja for helping me out with coding the buttons! You're an hero!

Anyways, I'm really pleased with the way our collab turned out, and I'm honoured to be featured alongside such great animators this year. I'm surprised we managed to land third place, there were some incredible submissions this year. There was absolutely no surprise over the fact that RDR had the number 1 spot though, Nogfish killed it!

I'll take this chance to adress each animator in PPP individually:

Nogfish: Your entry really captured the essense of the "ultra violent" genre seen on newgrounds. Violence for violence's sake. The simplistic colouring really kept the focus on the amazing fluidity and form of your fbf animation. I'm glad I recieved your entry so early, it reminded me that I can't get lazy with my fbf if I dare allow my work to be displayed alongside yours.

Leafworthy: Your ghetto entry is definately one of the most creative pieces of animation I've seen on newgrounds in a long time. Aside from the quality of animation, which was superb, the style with which they danced was brilliant. My favourite dancer had to be the little guy with the hood. That smoke effect was incredible, I'll have to study your .fla to try and see how you pulled it off :P

Fleckogold: You are definately one of the (if not THE) most talented animators I have ever met. The quality of your work is in a whole other league. Your entry captured a crucial piece of newgrounds... the creepy, fucked up underbelly that keeps this website from ever becoming mainstream trash.

DeLine: Sometimes, all you need is a good joke or two, executed perfectly. I'm glad you were able to get your animation done under such short notice, it fits perfectly in there, and pays homage to one of the most beloved forms of newgrounds humour: the cock joke.

My next project will hopefully be another collab, this time with a certain blue robot, but I don't want to announce too much about 'that' because I'm not even sure myself when/if that's going to happen.

Also, I'm going to plug our new website www.crapculture.ca again, since I wrote another article for it. This time it's just a quick movie review, but have a read if you get a chance, and if you like it, browse around the other articles on the website as well:

Let The Right One In movie review

We're always looking for new writers who are willing to join, so if anyone out there is interested in writing an article or two for us, drop me a PM.

Pico Day aftermath and new crap culture article

Comments (9)

that one with pico in the cock suit made me laugh the hardest out of all of them.

lol yeah its a classic for sure

Yeah, I saw that Let The Right One In.
It was okay...pretty dark, though.
You definitely half to have an aquired taste to enjoy it.
It's very Film Festival.
But, it's okay.

I usually don't like 'film festival'. Generally, they're pretentious and take themselves way too seriously. But this one was different.


i hope one day you can address me like that

you can do better!




you write alot

Let The Right One In is the antithesis of Twilight. :3

I dunno, I thought there were all sorts of similarities between the 2 movies. Personally, I liked Let The Right One In more than Twilight, though.

What's next on the cartoon front for you?

Glad to see this stuff come together as always! First buttons, then the world. Only a matter of time my friend.