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Zombie-Pimp's News

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - April 23rd, 2008

Pico day is coming.

And there will be cats.

7 days...

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - March 29th, 2008


PM me yours if you don't want to post it here and make it public.

I'm working on pico day and i'll refresh this page every once in a while, if I get any challenges i'll take a break from animating and play a few rounds.

Also, here's a screenshot from my upcoming pico day flash. I just hope I can get this baby finished in time, with finals all across april.

My Brawl friend code and a screenshot from my pico day

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - July 27th, 2007

It's important to remember when rating animated music videos, to rate it for how much you like the work of the animator, not how much you like the work of the musician.

So many flashes that use hilarious songs (like wierd al songs) have terrible art and animation, and the animators are sometimes so lazy that they'll replay the same animations over the chorus of the song each time it plays. All they do is simply cut and paste frames for 50% of the song. However, these low quality flashes are rated very high because the song is really funny and well done.

But its important to remember that the animator is the one who is presenting himself to us, so we need to rate the flash based on the animation, not the song. The only time the song matters is if the musician has collaberated with the animator (like LemonDemon flashes). Remember that most of the time, the animators don't actually have permission to be using these songs, so its not fair to credit the animator for the fine work of a musician that he found.

So remember, even if the song is amazing and makes fun of PS3's and makes you ROFL, watch it over, keeping an eye on the actual animation. See if his animations actually add anything to the song, or make it any funnier than if you were just listening to the song in Winamp? Focus on the art style, is it well done or rushed and crappy? Did the animator put any effort in this or is he just riding on the jokes of the song? Rate based on what the animator has actually done in the making of this flash, not based on the song that he's downloaded (probably for free off limewire) and imported into flash.

Rating a music video low even though you enjoy the song might feel wierd, but its only fair to both the animator and the musician. If you really want to give props to the music used in one of these flashes, then see the credits of the flash (assuming the artist gave credit, which they usually do but sometimes don't), and find the musician's website so you can give props to him directly.