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Po3, Winter Flash-off

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - December 1st, 2009

Po3 has produced some amazing games. I was amazed with the quality of some of the submissions, and I think it really shows the power of teamwork at its best.

I formed a group and tried to make a game, "The Incredible Triplets", which unfortunately never made it to completion. All the music and animations for the game were completed, however the programmer was unable to work on it and had to drop out. We still have the music and sprites gathering dust on my hard-drive, and I really hope that I can make use of them somehow. If there are any programmers out there that would like to have a look (here's hoping lol), feel free to send me a PM. I'm okay with just using them to make a mini-game or something, since that's better than nothing, and the artwork is some of my best, imo.

In other news, I plan to make a flash for the winter flash-off. It's going to be difficult with December exams but I hope to have it out before the deadline. I hopefully will have a screen shot to show in my next newspost.

Happy Holidays,

Comments (15)

Sounds great man :D. I wish you and your team the best of luck and hope teh game doesnt turn out to be a peice of crap :)

lol there is no game, unless a programmer decides to help :P

I agree with this guy^^

Teamwork is best. Our game has a lot to make yet, but trying to make best shoot'em up in flash so far.

looking forward to it


I got exams this December too starting the tenth.
It's a cool in the mind though eh? Putting yourself between flash mode and the other. I like to go through different forms, like reading a good book, then animating, then just solid drawing, then writing, and etc.

So what I'm sayin is - theirs sort of a bright side to exams while workin' on flash projects, keepin' your head awake and alert, blah blah screw it I can't find the words.

Either way, the stress of exams will kick our asses in gear to get shit done - you most likely much better then myself, but still.

haha I know what you mean, the only problem is that I always end up working on my animation TOO much and not getting enough studying done, and then my grades drop :P

It's all about balance, I find.

lol, programmers in general suck, the few times i worked out of my circle I've been burned.

Heres a tip, try and work with programmers that at least have attempted to make real art , they usually have a real appreciation for it. Those types usually have some certain of empathy for the creative process :-p

yeah well I've worked with Eviludy, which I feel was an amazing partnership. Generally, I've been dissapointed with most programmers I've met. But I think the ratio is about the same for artists. Pick a random artist, pick a random programmer, chances of them being good are about the same.

No programmer?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?

I would help if i knew how to program :L. I just suck at art ^.^

lol well thanks anyways

Niiiice, I am looking forward to your submission! I plan to make one too, but having 2-3 weeks of class/exams, I may run in to some unfriendly time constraints :(

If only the flash off ended in January instead of December...

Yes, I look forward to yours as well. Are you going to do a Sonic Christmas special?

I beat your canabalt score 8)

and I agree the PO3 are really neato can't wait to get mine out. :))))

Yeah I hope others will still complete theirs, I have to give up on mine unless I can get a programmer.

Bloody programmers always dropping out. I would attempt to make something out of your graphics but I've got a lot of games to program at the moment.
I'd also like to say that I've never dropped out on anyone.

atta boy. We need more programmers like you.

Fuck you. I'm winning the $1000.

It's not about the money.

go pico GOO !!



Sorry to hear. Hope the best for youre game. It was lookin excellent

thanks, I hope we can use the graphics and music somehow.

I forgot to say, never is late to complete a task, even if you submit this really late, I'm sure Tom will consider it as a Po3 like everyone who will play it. Good luck!

yeah I just need somebody to program it, or hell, I'll learn to program myself if I have to lol.

Yea i agree with you in that the ratio being the same, i think the key is that both parties need to be excited and into the project. In the failed teams that i've been on, ive had to take the role of giving orders or taking orders, and i think that then it starts to feel like a chore or a job.

I agree. I like to tell programmers to be active members in deciding how the game will play. Pretty much I give them the graphics, and they decide how to use them, for the most part. I think some people are either just lazy or too busy with other things.