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I am very happy to see this. I was always a very vocal hater of Starbarians 1 and 2. I thought Starbarians was the worst of the worst from HappyHarry, and I would joke about how the more incredible the animation quality would get, the shittier the writing would get. There was never any character development or conflict, just going from one crude joke to the next, and for some reason thinking that a lame joke deserves to be animated with breath-taking disney style smoothness.

Here on the other hand, I LOVED that we finally started to actually learn something about these characters, and that you created a situation where there is some real tension and something at stake. I hope you can continue to impress me with your evolved storytelling, and continue to convince me that you actually care about the story you're telling, not just coming up with whatever dumb idea and spending like 5 years animating it perfectly.

YES! Thank you for keeping the captain falcon tradition alive and well here on Newgrounds. It is essential that we never let this honoured video game character fall out of sight or mind. Keep up the awesome work!

Newgrounds is truly blessed to receive work like this. So captivating and well executed, which can only be the result of masterful collaboration between skilled artists. This wasn't just about the incredible animation, the beautiful backgrounds, the brilliant score, or the compelling storyline, but the entanglement of all of these things, the jigsaw puzzle that they come together to create.

My one slight criticism is that it seems like the red-haired hero was much, much more powerful than the one with the sword. That magic staff seemed to be doing all of the work during the journey, I would have liked to see some more of the duo's adventures in which the sword played a more integral role in the battle.

TalesofAlethrion responds:

Hahaha, never thought of that. That is cool though. maybe we just always saw Wilhelm (sword guy) as the strong one, so we gave Vito (magic) a bit too much power to make him seem more strong. Anyways, thanks for your great comment. We appreciate it a lot and because of the great response on NG we will be continuing to bring you great stories.

We have one day left on the kickstarter, but because of the kickstarter we will be making a series (so cool). We might upload some of the animations we made during the campaign in here soon!

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This is why I will never stop coming to newgrounds. I'll keep visiting this website and sifting through the hoardes of cookiecutter games, because I know that eventually I will find another affecting and brilliant masterpiece such as this.

Thank you for sharing with the newgrounds audience. There are those of us here that live for experiences like this.

The minimalist art game genre has triumphantly returned to newgrounds. An absolute masterpiece! You are a genius storyteller. Please continue to make games like this.

This is such a brilliant concept for a game. Honestly, the idea is nothing short of genius. My hats off to you guys. BUT there are some serious issues that really detract from this game. First of all, sometimes the pattern mode will work for me, sometimes it won't. I have no idea why. I find if I close firefox and restart it, it will sometimes work when it had stopped working.

Secondly, many of the 'difficult' campaign levels revolve too heavily around those wierd purple orbs, which imo are a very lame game mechanic. I'm not one to complain about mechanics as long as they're somehow surmountable, my policy is "shut up and adapt", but the orbs are just so lame, especially when certain bosses just spam them everywhere. I basically just don't have any control over my character, there is no timing or slight of hand involved that can improve my chances of winning when those orbs are spammed, I just have to mash my attack and arrow keys to try and face the right direction and hopefully get a hit on the boss. I think it's funny that one of the boss titles was "Hope for the best", because that's exactly what the game is reduced to because of those silly orbs. I do manage to beat the bosses, but not because of any adaptation or pattern recognition, just by spamming like an idiot (which is exactly what the boss does too).

I also think that it's very frustrating how I can't practise on a certain boss without reloading the game. If I want to fight the boss I lost to, I click the boss's name on the 'you lose' screen, but the button just opens a new window and I have to reload the game, which will then let me try the boss again. I have to open a new window each time I want to fight the same boss twice. This is cripplingly inconvenient, for such a great game to have such an annoying problem. Furhtermore, I can't really find a way to search for a boss that I played a day before or something. Maybe there is a search bar and I can't find it? Another thing is that there is no way to simply 'restart' a campaign. Like, if I know I'm not doing well on a boss, I have to exit the campaign and then go back to the campaign select screen, and then scroll down and click the campaign again. This just wastes my time when there could be a 'restart campagin' button or something.

Anyways, this is a marvel of a game. It's a billion dollar idea and it could have been the most sensational browser-based game in years. But some crippling oversights have really hurt the overall experience. I feel like it would have been fine for you guys to take more time with this game and work out the kinks before releasing it. Such a great idea deserves the best packaging and delivery.

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So good! Let me use it in my next animation please?

Wolf7ech responds:

That’s awesome man, feel free to do anything you like with it!

Its awesome! Can I use this in my next cartoon?

Beautiful! I might use this!

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Panel number 6 is just too heartbreaking

YES YES YES, this is still one of my top favourite characters ever to grace newgrounds, I am so happy to see him be drawn again! Please tell me you're making another TESSONAS cartoon and if so how can I support it!

FleckoGold responds:

If you wanted to hand me 20k a year, I'd happily get back to work on them! (Also, I think I'd rather someone else handle sound FX T_T) But, for now, it's Vikings of the Interstate. Coming soon! Get hyped!

So sexy. Even though watching your "no take backsies" style of coloring it was scary as hell lol.

You continue to remind the rest of us that we still have a long way to improve.

MindChamber responds:

thanks man, and your work still shines, and reminds me I still have a lot to learn :)

Yo They should remake Cowboy Bebop with clocks.

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