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Anybody coming out to T10?

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - July 3rd, 2009

For those of you who don't know, T10 is Canada's biggest fighting game tournament. Games featured include GGXX:AC, SF3S, SF2T, MVC2, Soul Calibur 4, and for the first year ever, Street Fighter 4.

Tournaments will run from Friday, July 31st - Sunday, Aug 2nd, 2009. The event is held in Toronto
Click here for more information

I was wondering if any other newgrounders were going to make an appearance. I asked mindchamber and he seems interested. It'd be awesome to meet some users out there, since I've never met anyone from NG irl before.

If you plan on attending, leave a post and I'll start a list:

List of T10 attendees:

-Frozenfire (maybe)

Comments (30)

i quit guilty gear and why is there street fighter 2? people still play that religiously? marvel vs capcom 2 would be funny to watch though

yeah I'm probably gonna get my ass kicked but it should still be a good time, at least I'll get to see some serious nerds who spend their whole lives playing these games.

Im going to Canada to play fighting games.

Not really, but I would go just to give you a pimp handshake :]

I put you on the list as a maybe <3

sound fun but fighting game? The only fighting game I am good at is Street Fighter 4.

Well there is going to be an SF4 tournament right?

I'm just gonna sleep. I'm tired...

its not for another month lol

i can walk of Argentina to Canada ?

better get started!

This sounds awesome but I`m not very good at fighting games. Do you have to go to play? If you don`t you might see me there. Toronto is only 2 hours away and I have an aunt that lives there. Even though you probably don`t know me I will find you! haha

no, lots of people come to watch. You only have to pay the entrance fees if you want to compete, though.

all those games are broken except sf3 lol

are you coming?


Oh wait never mind. It's PS3 for SFIV, I don't have a stick for that system, nor do I care much at this point.

theyll have sticks there I think

From the site -

The console equipment will be labeled and registered to ensure its safety. However, please be careful with your sticks. Furthermore, if you know you're attending and you do not have a stick to use, make sure you have a friend who can donate. All singles matches will enforce a 5 minute rule and if you can't find a stick within that time you will be disqualified. This is advance warning and will not be brought up again.

So that'll be a no go.

well if you own a 360 you probably aren't very good at SF anyways LOLOL

If I were from Canada, I'd probably be there.

Since I'm not, looks like I'll miss out :(

: (

i only play killer instinct

which ones?

Hmmm, Germany to Canada?

Need moar plane tickets.

well canada's a nice place if you ever want to have a vacation

Toronto? Damn. Why don't they have anything in Calgary? :P

lol calgary has oil and wheat

if i lived in toronto, i might go im actually not that far from there, though. (northern ohio US) ive been in toronto before, but i was like 6

wait so does that mean you might come or not

more like ken fighter 4

lol maybe on xbox live

Sounds fun, but I doubt it. I'm beasty at MvC2, Third Strike and Guilty Gear but haven't owned them for a year or so. I'd probably get stomped. Especially in TS, that game has never liked me even when I was good at it X_x

whats your team for MvC2?

Possibly ill be going. Though i have to see if my car will be able to make that long drive.


I stayed in Toronto for a month like 3 years ago and participated in this! Although I got my ass raped back then, hell it was fun!
Good luck to ya there Team Newgrounds!

yeah we're all gonna get destroyed

Im going


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