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Finally done exams

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - December 16th, 2008

Sup newgrounds, I'm finally making a frontpage post again, I haven't since Pico Day.

University's been a real bitch. I didn't have any opportunity to animate because of exams, midterms, assignments, and other annoying crap. However, I'm finally finished my first term exams and now I get 3 weeks of winter break.

To celebrate, I immediately animated a quick flash, to release my pent up animation horny. It's called Captain Falcon Checkup. Go watch it

Anyways, I'm going to try to animate more during the second term, so hopefully I'll release stuff more often. I have some BIG plans coming up, I just don't know how long it'll be till I get a chance to work on any of it.

Happy Holidays, and to the rest of the university students out there, make sure you all party extra hard before the new term starts.

Finally done exams

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Captain Falcon Checkup was awesome. I'm looking forward to your "BIG plans", so good luck on that. And happy holidays to you to.

thanks glad you liked it, and stay tuned cuz more is coming

it was good


A videogame related flash that doesn't totally suck balls. And they said it couldn't be done.

well hey there's good and bad contributions to every genre. If you look at the ratio of video game flashes that are good to the ones that are bad, its the same ratio of good original work to crappy original work. The only difference, and the only reason you're frustrated, is because even the crappy video game parodies get amazing scores, while the crappy original work does not.

lucky. mine finishes tomorrow

hey do you go to western by any chance?

holie fuck, how is it that a doctor, doesn't know anatomy???? LMAO

LMAO he still needs more training I guess, maybe you should teach him.

loved it. hope to see more sometime soon!


So if you're starting your summer break now, I assume you live in the southern hemisphere?

You ever gonna continue the LR series? I liked the trailer, I just hope you continue it.

haha yeah sry i meant winter break, I live in Canada. And I'm going to work on LR when I'm good enough at animation to do it justice. Glad you liked the trailer, stay tuned, it's coming out eventually.

Perfect length and absolubtly hilarious. I really like your big projects too, but if done right, I favor 20 second videos like this.

Happy holidays, and I can't wait to see more. :)

This flash is awesome! XD Hope to see more!


omg do u have mindchamber on msn neat dude

u still play brawl dude?

ROFLMAO!! XD this is the best Captain Falcon Parody I've seen!

Darn man i wish i could party extra hard but i cant im stuck in a small house with mom sigh life is a bitch

I also finished my Exam!

LOL! GREAT JOB! on the captain falcon video. i think ive wathced like 28 times and every time my dick gets bigger and bigger! love that shit!

"Happy Holidays, and to the rest of the university students out there, make sure you all party extra hard before the new term starts."

Believe me, I will. The animation was great, and have a Merry Christmas!

Finally you released something ^___^

That was the most utterly amazing win.

Falcon... Knee!

Perfectly executed, dude. :3

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