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I'm nominated!

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - January 27th, 2009

Wow, its so cool to see our flash "House of 1000 Cats" up there with the other nominees. Of course I clearly don't stand a chance at winning when put against masterpieces such as There She Is and Easy Way Out. Still, the nomination alone is more than enough of an honour.

I have to say that this has filled me with motivation to make incredible flash this year. I want my next big flash project, if nominated, to be something I consider worthy of being judged alongside the other entries. I'm gonna work my ass off to try and make something truly epic (maybe the first episode of LR?)

Anyways, thanks to newgrounds for the nomination, and I have to say its hard for me to narrow that list down to even 5, I have no idea how the panel is going to manage. 2008 was a phenomenal year for flash, and I'm glad to have been a part of it all.

Here's a background I painted in photoshop. I'm experimenting with different background styles for my future flash.

I'm nominated!

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my favorites on that list are Anusboy and metal gear funnies

metal gear funnies was so good that I even reviewed it.

waht're you talking about, don't have a chance to win? your submission has got to be the best pico day submission ever!

haha there's some beastly competitors this year, I just don't see anybody picking my entry over theirs.

congrats, bro.

thanks, bro

Congrats on getting nominated! I don't know what the other submissions are, they've given normal users no way to see them as far as I know, but I would most likely vote for yours if I were on the panel, since it was one of the best (if not THE best) Flash I saw in 2008.

haha wow, thanks man.

Congrats well deserved!
I'm just stoked to see how close i came to being nominated! :O

dude eddsworld is brilliant, its a shame not to see one of them up there.

That looks so cool...

- Professor Katz

thank you, doctor

Sweet! Your movies are awesome!


Dude, nice work! When i first saw House of1000 Cats, it shocked me how much work your put into it.

yeah I put my heart and soul into that one lol

Cool background


come on tie breakers! D:

congrats, between school , tests and everything else you do I don't know how you pull off these flashes. You show great dedication and patience, and I love your work.

thanks, hopefully this next year will be a big one flashwise for both of us. Sometimes you just have to let your schoolwork and social life take a blow, for the sake of art.

My thoughts echo yours almost exactly on being nominated.

I think i'm just really good at expressing my emotions in a relateable way through writing.

Great job! You deserve it!


u doin anythin for picoday this year?

mebbe ;)

make more anti KK flash, we like it

KK? what are you talking about?

House of 1000 cats is nominated? Thehe... fine!

Pretty nice background you got there... But if you start an animation, featuring backgrounds of that quality it's going to take forever I guess...

By the way, how long did it take you to make house of 1000 cats?

it took forever and then some lol.

congrats! that backgrounds lookin'bitchin.



nice background



For your next one, make it House of 2000 Cats, but this time, actually put 2000 cats in it. I liked the first one, but it needed more cats....

lol i'd need more manpower to animate something that epic

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