Entry #23

"Universal Donor" Aftermath

2017-04-11 10:49:48 by Zombie-Pimp

Sup Newgrounds, just decided that I would share my thoughts now that my latest cartoon has been released for a few days.

Universal Donor is actually my first EVER Daily First, despite all of the cartoons I've submitted over the years, I've only previously ever managed to get daily seconds. That's a pretty great accomplishment after such a long time in my opinion.

I have to say that the reason I felt inspired enough to make another cartoon, despite being so distracted with my work and other things for so many years, was attending Pico Day. When I finally had another chance to go to Pico Day again, I was absolutely blown away by how many artists and animators were still active in the community, and I felt overwhelmed with motivation to start animating again. The result was "Universal Donor", almost a year later. I think Newgrounds serves as a meeting place for animators to feed off of eachother and work together to keep making independent cartoons. Thanks to Newgrounds for continuing to affect my life during every stage of it, and never letting me forget that I am an artist at heart and that I need to keep doing this!


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2017-04-11 10:57:37

Congrats on making Daily First! Lots of us never get there. Also very happy to see another lifer around here. NG has enchanted me for over a decade!

Zombie-Pimp responds:

Thanks! Just checked your page, your music sounds dope!


2017-04-11 11:22:38

Thank you, thank you! Much appreciate. Comes from 15 years of trial and error, haha. When I'm home I'll check your stuff for real. For now I'm on mobile!


2017-04-11 11:33:29

It's awesome that Pico Day inspired Universal Donor! I really gotta be sure we have more events in the future despite skipping an office party this year.

Zombie-Pimp responds:

You bet, whenever you get another chance to host an event I'll do my best to be there!


2017-04-12 01:14:03

Pico Day will be the best :D

Zombie-Pimp responds:



2017-04-12 10:12:34

Congratulations! It was richly deserved, a touching, extremely well crafted animation... I may take the time to leave a proper review at some point, it's a movie that deserves it. :)


Zombie-Pimp responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.


2017-05-18 14:52:26

Its always great to see people come back after so long