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Pico Day Aftermath

Posted by Zombie-Pimp - May 3rd, 2011

Sup newgrounds,

So I hope ppl enjoyed "Picoday Pinata Party", my latest flash that was released this Pico Day, which was a collaberative effort between myself, hulalaoo, and afro-ninja. We all worked REALLY hard on it and all the nice comments truly make it all worth it.

I'm sorry I haven't been responding to the reviews. I'll start responding now that I'm back home. I was visiting the newgrounds HQ for the past couple of days, and didn't have the time to respond then. So if you wrote a review expect a response soon!

To everyone from newgrounds that I met over the last few days, it was a real pleasure. I hope to see you guys around again at some point.


Comments (21)

glad you made it home with no decapitations :3

lol thanks again for everything man

It was great to finally meet you man!

you too, you're taller than I thought youd be lol

rememba me? yeah yeh do <:D
aw it was great to see ya.

hope everyone had a freakin good time.


sorry man don't remember :P

Dude, it was super cool meeting you. Lol, I didn't even know we're the same age. I'm totally taking notes of all the tips you gave me.

And you said you made some bad cartoons back in the day, i checked, you lied. Keep doing what you do man!

lol you thought "Sinister Truth" was good?

Ey, glad you made it back home safely, was good finally meeting you. Good work on your pico day piece as well, like you, im still catching up on stuff.

Anywho, illl keep you in the loop for any collaborative things down the road. Didnt bother breifing anyone on the mortal kombat thing really, i want to get my footing and be atleast more than halfway on my own part before i bestow the workload on others to jump in on. Currently there is still some wrinkles and things im unhappy with in the setup and what the exact direction is. But yeah, ill let you knowww

awesome, it was great meeting you too, and be sure to keep me posted!

im batman.


Yo man great movie! It was nice meetin you over the weekend, sure we'll meetup again eventually.

ya man, you too, and thanks for letting me use your laptop. It was cool talking to you.

Great meeting you, man. And great submission. <3

You too, can't wait to see what you make next!

I need to watch and review it. Everything you do seems to be nicely worked on and with Hulalaoo in the mix, even better. <3

lol thanks man, hope you like it

See you next year? :P

lol maybe

Wtf, the first fight was awesoem, but the second was horrible !

rofl the second fight actually had some FBF animation and shading in it lol

Morrigan is cunty :(

lol ya sry about that

YOU WENT!? DAMMIT! I was THIS close to going MOTHERFUCK >.<

lol maybe next time

Great job on your Pico Project.

high five n***a



Here's a suggestion for your future flash: cut back on the filters. By the way, I uploaded a drawing on Pico Day.

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